Yuanmo He

Yuanmo He

PhD student in Social Research Methods

London School of Economics

Hello, world! I am a computational social scientist with expertise in identifying and employing the most effective data and methods to analyse social issues. I am passionate about data science and AI, not only for harnessing their power but also for evaluating their social impacts.

I am currently a PhD candidate in the Department of Methodology and the Data Science Institute at the London School of Economics and Political Science. I hold an MSc in Applied Social Data Science from LSE and a BSc in Social Sciences from University College London.

My PhD dissertation uses large-scale digital trace data and advanced computational methods (e.g., machine learning, natural language processing, causal analysis, and social network analysis) to study how daily behaviours and social interactions reflect and reinforce socioeconomic inequality. The first paper of my PhD has been published in Social Methods & Research (a top peer-reviewed journal in sociology and quantitative social science). The second paper of my PhD received an honourable mention at the 2023 International Conference on Computational Social Science.

Please find my industry resume or academic CV (last updated 22 June 2024).

I do stand-up comedy and blogging in my free time.

I blog about interesting things that are normally unrelated to my work. Find me on Substack. Recent blog post:

Research Projects

Music Complexity

Music Complexity

Project at the Complex Systems Summer School 2023